Thursday, April 15, 2021

Failure to impress at the Bahrain Grand Prix F1 race in 2021, this said Mick Schumacher

Haas team racer, Mick Schumacher, opened his voice after failing to impress at his debut race in Formula 1 (F1) Bahrain GP, ​​Sunday (28/03/21).

Mick Schumacher underwent his debut race at the Sakhir Circuit with a performance that was not quite impressive, namely finishing in the bottom 16 position at the Bahrain Grand Prix F1.

Carrying out the big name of his father, Michael Schumacher, and failing to perform well would certainly be a burden and pressure for Mick on the ground jet event.

However, Mick admitted that he was happy with the results of last weekend's race. He also stated that he still had a lot to learn and his gratitude to the Haas team.

"There is still a lot to learn, but overall I am happy with the race last weekend," wrote Mick Schumacher, in his Instagram account.

"Thank you very much to the Haas team for the hard work you guys put into this and look forward to the next race," he continued.

Haas' team performance itself has not shown any progress, and it is somewhat unfortunate because Mick's teammate, Nikita Mazepin, failed to finish when the race had just started.

Nikita Mazepin failed to finish in the F1 Bahrain GP

Nikita Mazepin made a bad debut when the first lap started, the Russian rookie spun at the third corner and her car crashed straight into the parapet.

The incident also made Nikita Mazepin unable to continue racing and caused the yellow flag to be raised and the race started again on lap 4.

This incident made Mazepin feel angry with himself and said the race was one of the worst days of his life, and apologized to the Haas team.

“I'm very sorry for the team because they deserve better results. I feel very red with myself because I lost control of the car and there is no way to immediately fix it, "said Nikita Mazepin.

To the Planet F1 page, he admitted that he was very disappointed because he felt the team should get the results they deserved. This was one of the worst days of her life until she was speechless.


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Saturday, March 27, 2021

Most Expensive Sports Event, Here Are 10 Lesser-Known Formula 1 Racing Facts

For those who are happy with the spectacle of this extreme sport, of course, you can definitely judge from the skills of the drivers themselves when they drive F1 racing cars on the circuit. Well, maybe some of you don't know what happens when F1 drivers race their cars on the circuit. The following are facts that will astonish every F1 car driver that pumps adrenaline on every circuit.

F1 racers lose 2-4 kg per match

After finishing the competition, the F1 drivers' average weight drops from 2-4 kg. This weight loss causes the racer to lose nearly 40% of his physical abilities, for example walking with a balance, stamina or muscle flexibility. To return the weight to normal, a racer must be very disciplined in managing his diet.

formula one race

In addition, a special drinking tool is attached to the racing outfit so that the F1 racer's metabolism is maintained during the race. Oh yeah, specifically for the Bahrain and Sepang Circuit, F1 drivers usually lose more than 4kg of weight, you know, friends. Because the temperature in the two circuits is quite extreme.

F1 Races can be watched online

We understand that on some countries, its hard to get access on F1 Race. But rest assured, there are a lot of formula 1 live streaming services available out there.
One of my favourite is

They got many sources as backup when one source is down

F1 car speed through 350 km / hour

An F1 driver is capable of driving an F1 racing car up to a speed of 350 km / hour. If this speed is applied to an ordinary car, the frame structure may not be able to withstand the wind pressure that must be passed. With such fantastic speed, F1 drivers must have qualified skills, high concentration and of course a sophisticated car as well as friends. If there is a slight miscalculation, it is certain that the racer was involved in an accident. For them, driving a car to such a speed is considered normal, so don't you dare try to go speeding on the streets.

F1 cars only have a slight turning radius

Unlike most cars, F1 racing cars do not have a large turning radius. F1 drivers simply turn the steering wheel slightly and the F1 car will automatically turn. But who would have thought, turning an F1 car was quite difficult, you know, my friend. In physics calculations based on the force formula mechanism (forces) that work, when the car turns around the corner of the circuit, the car will feel more difficult to control. This is because there are many working styles that drivers have to overcome. F1 drivers of course have to be able to handle it. If you are unable to handle it, it is possible that the car will be twisted, overturned or overtaken by other F1 drivers.

F1 racing cars can stop within 5 meters at a speed of 200 km / hour

Have you seen F1 drivers using neck braces that attach to their racing seats. This component serves to withstand the G-force when the F1 racer brakes to enter corners during the race.

In fact, an F1 racing car can stop completely from a speed of 200 km / h in just 2 seconds and only requires a distance of 55 meters. Now, when an F1 driver brakes, the racer body (especially the neck) has to withstand the forward thrust of up to 5.6 times his own body weight (5.6G). If F1 drivers are not provided with neck braces, it is certain that they will suffer serious injuries. As a comparison, a car in general requires a distance of 120 meters to make brakes from a speed of 200 km / h to stop in 4.1 seconds.

F1 racers monitor 15 lights on the wheel for each race

You have seen that the F1 driver steering system is not quite complicated and has lots of buttons. Now, it all works in every race, whether it's when you want to overtake, enter corners, and check the condition of the car during the race. F1 racers themselves must supervise and glance at no less than 15 important functions of lights and LCD monitors when competing at high speed. If there is a slight mistake and the racer doesn't know it, things could happen that are not desirable.

F1 racing cars are very hot

The temperature inside the exhaust of an F1 racing car reaches 950 degrees Celsius. When braking, the temperature of the F1 car brake disc can reach more than 1000 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the average temperature in the cockpit during the race is 55 degrees Celsius.

F1 car tires are only for a distance of 120 km

F1 car tires only last for 90-120 km. Compare with normal car tires, which can still be used up to 60 thousand to 10 thousand km. During the race the weight of the racing car tires is reduced by about 0.5 kg due to wear

F1 car engine is only 2 hours old

The F1 engine can only last a maximum of 2 hours, otherwise the engine will explode. Meanwhile, cars that are in effect on the market can last up to 20 years. That's why F1 racing cars are so expensive. In addition, the engine of this race car rotates at up to 1800 rpm, meaning that the pistons fluctuate 300 times in one second. Try friends blinking 300 times in one second, can you or not?

F1 car consists of 80,000 components and 1 km of cable

There are more than 80,000 components that make up an F1 car and it must have an accuracy of 99.9%. If not, the car will not work optimally and can cause harm to the driver and of course the team. Therefore, have you never seen mechanics or teams upset because F1 drivers were involved in accidents? The reason is pretty obvious isn't it.

In addition, F1 Cars F1 cars are equipped with a cable system of up to 1 km that connects 100 sensors and actuators to monitor and control car parts.

Fire helmets and armor

The helmet worn by F1 drivers is not just any helmet. F1 driver helmet withstands heat of 800 degrees Celsius for 45 seconds. In the event of a fatal car accident that sparks fire, it will further protect the life of the racer. Even though it only lasted 45 seconds. If this accident occurs, the racer can immediately get out of the car before the car is completely burned. Likewise with the clothes of the F1 drivers.

Thus, F1's astonishing facts. Becoming an F1 driver is not as easy as we imagine. If we want to experience being an F1 driver, we can play F1 games. Currently, a variety of these games are available. Even though it's only a game that is made easy to drive an F1 car. of course, make us get to know more about how to become a real F1 driver. Hopefully this article adds to our insight into the ins and outs of F1 racing, especially if we are not familiar with the sport.