Friday, March 23, 2012

Fries with that??

Our school play is next week and guess who makes the sets and some of the guessed it the art teacher : )! This year we are performing Toy Story the Toys Come Alive at James Monroe. Here are two pictures I took of of parts of the sets.... more to come next week!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A sucessful day of advocating for the arts!

Our school did an amazing job on wed. March 6th advocating for the arts. See the post below for more infor. Here is a picture of  (left to right)Alex Moldonado (she is the Constituents Services Director from Congressman Frank Pallone’s  New Brunswick office), Cyndi Tufaro (our school CRT), Me : ) , Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan, and the Zimmerli Art Museum Director Suzanne Delahanty . All the other pics have kiddies in them so I cannot post.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We are are advocates for Art Education!

After attending our local AENJ (ArtEducators of NJ Conference) which partly focused on art teachers advocating being the advocates for art education and reading Mr E's post Nashville's Mayor Kicks Off Artober at TGE I came up with the idea to do a program in our school for Youth Art Month. I am so excited that our school event "MARTch into Youth Art Month"is finally tomorrow.

The CRT (Curriculum resource teacher) Cynthia Tufuro was a huge help in planning the event.  Cyndi sent out the invitations, made follow up phone calls, made the press release and made a video about arts in our school to be played at the event.

Here is the press explains our event perfectly!..



Assemblyman, Mayor and Zimmerli Museum Director lend support

 James Monroe Elementary School’s unique “MARTCH into Youth Art Month” event, celebrating the value of art education and encouraging public support for quality school art programs, will be held March 7 at the Edison Township school.

 Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan (D-Middlesex), Edison Township Mayor Antonia Ricigliano, Zimmerli Art Museum Director Suzanne Delahanty and Edison Township Public Schools Superintendent Richard O’Malley will attend.

After participating in an art or music class, the aforementioned dignitaries will join the entire school community for an assembly highlighting artistic presentations of James Monroe’s students.

 The assembly will include a performance by the school chorus, a preview of the school’s original Toy Story musical (which will be performed in its entirety at Edison High School on March 30) and a slideshow of students’ artwork. Poignant student voiceovers will augment the latter as James Monroe’s finest discuss art education’s impact on their lives.

 The day, which will provide abundant photo opportunities, commences with a reception and gallery walk.

James Monroe’s unique program distinguishes itself from other elementary schools across the country who may be taking part in similar celebrations during March, which the National Art Education Association observes annually as Youth Art Month.

With the support of community leaders, including a representative from Congressman Frank Pallone’s office, we hope to model how art education is vital to the total education curriculum.

 According to an April 11, 2011 report in the Times of Trenton, 34 percent of districts responding to a New Jersey School Boards Association statewide survey said they made cuts to elementary school music and art programs in the past three years.

 Art education programs at Edison Township Public Schools, however, under the direction of O’Malley and with the support of the school board, have continued to thrive.

 “I wholly believe that the arts are an essential part of education,” said Diegnan, who chairs the State Assembly’s Education Committee.

  “Sadly, what’s happening with cutbacks in school aid is that (art programs) are one of the things that seem to be the first that are cut out. I’ve got to commend the Edison school system for not only preserving it, but stressing its importance.”

 “Things like this event are really important for kids.”

 James Monroe Elementary School looks forward to your coverage of this positive news story.

 The schedule for the March 7 event includes:

 9:30 a.m.        Reception and gallery walk

9:55 a.m.        Participation in an art or music class

10:45 a.m.     Celebration of Art Education Assembly

 For further information, please contact Cyndi Tufaro at James Monroe Elementary School during regular school hours at 732-452-2970, Ext. 6210.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

4 r's...reduce, reuse, recycle and READ

Our school celebrated Read Across American with a recycle theme. Teachers decorated their doors with the books that have a message about recycling. I chimed in with a 1st grade art project that combined words that focused on sculpture using words.  To prep for the lesson first I cut 5 copies...yes 5 copies of the alphabet on oak tag from the Ellison machine (see below) and lots of news paper scraps approx 5x6 in. This was a pain but the end result great!

For the lesson I showed the students some pictures of recycled art . Then we talked about "earth words" words we think about when think about taking care of the earth.  The students worked in teams of 2 to pick a word from our list, then trace the letters and design the letters with lines and shapes using only blue, green and brown markers. They then used tacky glue to glue them on sticks. I did the tying of the raffia. I was very pleased with the end result!