Thursday, November 8, 2012

School Supplies for Hurricane Sandy Victims

The students and staff at my school I have started collecting several items for the victims of hurricane Sandy. We have been collecting household items, cleaning supplies and food. We have already made one delivery to Union Beach, NJ.  Several students were displaced from their schools. Some schools will be started up in local community centers and churches, but they have little supplies since the schools and classrooms were damaged. There are entire towns that people have not been allowed to return to because they are not structurally safe.
I will be starting a collection of school supplies and art supplies to bring to the areas that need them. Can you start a collection from you students and school today???  If your students or school can donate ANYTHING I am sure it would be appreciated! I found this page on FB!/SchoolSuppliesForHurricaneSandyVictims

This page lets your school adopt a school that needs supplies. If you want to mail some supplies but you can't adopt a school right now you can send them to :
Jessica Wisniewski
c/o School Supplies for Hurricane Sandy Victims
P.O. Box 437
Helmetta, NJ 08828

Or you can ship the supplies to my school and I will drive them to the address above.
James Monroe El .School
Lori DeCoite
7 Sharp Road
 Edison, NJ 08837

Thank you blogger friends!! I know we can make a difference!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Post Sandy in NJ

Hello my fellow bloggers..
Our state was hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy, especially along the coast. Eighty percent of our state was with our power. We were only out for 3 days, but many are still out. There are people who lost their homes and all of their belongings. Many of the people who live along the coast are in shelters or are with friends and family indefinitl . It will be a long process to build the Jersey shore back up but it will be better then ever have no doubt!
 If you have seen the show Jersey Shore but have never been to our wonderful beaches PLEASE do not judge us by that show!! I have terrific childhood memories of making drippy castles on the beach and eating ice cream on the boardwalk by the amusement rides. I have continued to share these summer traditions with my family and I hope they continue it with their children.
As you know the storm hit Monday night. We have been out of school all week due to the lack of power.  I am looking forward to going back to school and to seeing my students! As we all know art is a great way to get out your feelings. I am sure this kiddos have also of unsure emotions inside them right now. I hopped online today to get inspired from my blogging peeps and wham there it was.. this is going to be my lesson with a little hurricane sandy twist...
Ms. Davis from we heart art blog thank you for inspiring me on a day and week that I was not feeling much inspiration!

One other note... I had an idea about collecting art supplies and school supplies from my bloggers and their schools to donate to a local shelter (sayreville, NJ). This was one of the very hard hit areas during hurricane sandy. Would Any of you be interested in having your schools or your students donate art supplies to send? You could ship them to my school and I will take them to the shelter.
Lori DeCoite
James Monroe El. School
7 Sharp Road Edison, NJ 08837
(732) 452-2970
This is a picture of me  taken this morning. I was helping with a donation that was going to Keyport NJ, another hard hit area of NJ. 
Together we can make a difference!! Thanks Everyone!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Welcome back a little late : /

Long time no post... Here is what we have been up to in art class at James Monroe...
Had a hard time this year getting in a groove this year and finally getting a post up.. Hello blogger world I have missed you!

5th grade-Mirror Name Design

4th Grade- Cool and warm landscape design.
3rd Grade- Craypa Landscapes inspired by David Hockney "A Bigger Picture"

3rd Grade Zentangle Cats- For this one I gave them a template of a cat, they layed it on top of the brown paper.

2nd Grade-Spiders .. I gave students a paper with desriptive words in different fonts and showed them how to draw a web. We made a spider out of model magic. Note to self-leave off the work "suck" ; )

1st Grade 

Gotta love a pink truck!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Self Esteem Portraits

This lesson came to me after my Weight Watchers group asked each member to list of "20 things that I liked about myself".  I thought this would be a great exercise for my 4th grade students so I made it into an art lesson. They were to write down 20 "things" they liked about themselves inside a drawing of a head ( i gave out a template for this). They would write them in different sizes and fonts. Around the Outline of the template I gave the students a list of self esteem quotes and asked them to pick one they liked or to make up their own.  Around the outside of the head their classmates wrote things they like about that person. They were asked to put their initals next to what they wrote and not to repeat. The artwork was so powerful. I think It really got them to thing positivly about all of their great qualities. Check them out....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Art for NJASK

NJ students will be taking the state standardized test Starting May7th. We get our school excited for the test by having a pep rally.  As a little 15 minute project I had the ALL 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students think about something they would be successful at in their future.  I cut out a cloud  and had them draw there "Dream of Success" on it.  Then I put them on bulletin board with a "success slogan". Lastly I explained how positive thinking and envisioning good things will bring SUCCESS! This is how they should be thinking about NJASK!They came up with some interesting visions of success. There were pictures lion tamers, DJ's, teachers, olympic champions, and so much more! Good luck to your school and students on you state tests! What do you do in your school to encourage the students for the state test??

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth day art

Found this one:

Egg carton flowers

Only did this as a special project where I team teach with the classroom teachers  (it is a time allotted weekly in my schedule called project connections). Project Connections is a special time where I get to go in the classroom and cross curriculum teach. The lesson will take two classes. First session went well. It was kind of a pain to cut all those egg cartons apart. I gave each student six "flowers" to paint.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fries with that??

Our school play is next week and guess who makes the sets and some of the guessed it the art teacher : )! This year we are performing Toy Story the Toys Come Alive at James Monroe. Here are two pictures I took of of parts of the sets.... more to come next week!