Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jacob Lawrence and Faith Ringgold two amazing artist and story tellers!

For the next two weeks I will be teaching about Faith Ringgold and Jacob Lawrence. Two great passionate artist that tell/told stories about change and thing that were happening to African Americans. I thought this would be a great way to celebrate Black History Month!

My first grades will hear Faith Ringgold's book "Tar Beach". Students will create their own "dream of what they could fly over and own". Below are samples from last year.

My second graders will see the cityscape painting by Jacob Lawrence titled "This is Harlem". They will create their own cityscape using bright bold colors and lots of details just as Jacob Lawrence did.

I am trying a new lesson with my 3rd graders.... We will take a look at the Migration Series by Jacob Lawrence, and the importance of community and community works. We will talk about how their contributions effect our lives. Students will then create their own image of a community worker using a cut paper collage. I found that lesson HERE. I might tweak it a little.

I will check back with the finished products :).