Saturday, January 22, 2011

Torn News Paper Panda Pictures

This was a first time lesson for me and it went pretty well so I thought I would share it. It was done with 3rd graders and took us 3-45 min. Classes. Intro pandas, China, and recycled art. I cut oak tag 12 x 12 or chip board it you have it, then we used the word part of the news paper to fill in the entire background (tearing into small pieces). After the background was done we use the dark parts of the news paper to add bamboo trees (at least 4 -and 2 had to touch the top). Next came the pandas I used the large paper on the rolls (the kind for the bulletin boards) to make the pandas. I find this paper tears really easily. I told them they could make the panda sitting walking climbing, eating- whatever. I did an acrylic gaze when the projects were done for a more finished look.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toboggans by 2nd grade

With another storm expected today in NJ and the surrounding area ...I thought this would be a fun lesson to share...

This is one of my favorite lessons and the kids love it also! I kick off the lesson by showing pictures of toboganns and by explaining what they were used for.
This is a 45 minute lesson. I pre cut The 4x6 inch sleds, a variety of flesh tone 2x2 squares for head, and a variety of jacket colors 3.5x5. I show them how to roll their toboggon using a pencil Then we us scappaer and thin sharpe for detailss. When I display it in the hall I scrunch up white bullition bord paper and staple it on cork so it looks like a mountain.