Thursday, December 23, 2010

Evergreens with a twist

I saw two lessons and combined them. One involved symmetrical evergreens and the other (can't find the blog sorry :( ) was an art lesson that had to do with America and writing words about our country.

I did this lesson with 1st grade and it took one 45 min class. It was VERY successful. I loved the idea of incorporating writing into the lesson.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

1st Grade Carolers

This lesson was a first for me. The kids loved it! It was two long for one 45 min period so I had to make it a 2 week lesson.

I printed the music from I cut off most of the white so it would fit on the 9x12 black paper. The students glued the music sheet down, then cut 2 gloves from rectangles (sheets together -trace hands-fingers together-thumb out), cut out hat from a rectangle (top corners only-use scraps from hand paper to make pom pom), face cut all 4 corners of square. Week 2 was hair and making patterns on mittens and hat. We talked about how they designs should be the same on all three things. For the face they were to make to little rainbows for eyes, a backward "L" for a nose, and an oval for the mouth.