Sunday, October 3, 2010

3d Paper Iguana

I love this lesson and so do the kids... I have made a template for you -my readers- but I do NOT give one to the class. A picture is worth a thousand words and I thought it would help explain. I do this with 4th grade...
1. Give students at each group or table various tints and shades of 12x 18 green paper. Example-4 students at a table-4 different color greens
2. Fold paper in half lengthwise.
3. Have then draw the iguana (or something like it) on their paper. Be sure to remind them to have the open side near their stomach when they draw or they will have 2 halves of an iguana
: (. I usually do a step by step drawing on the board while they draw along with me. I don't do a template or hand out because I like when they all come out a little different.
4. At this point I walk around making sure before they cut that the iguana takes up the entire paper and that they drew it with the fold on the correct side.
5. Have them cut out their iguana.
6.Glue the center strips together so the paper becomes 3-d
7. This is the fun part...using each others scraps from when they cut they add details to their iguana. The iguanas will have two tails I have them cut one off-some want to keep the two -who am I to argue.
8. I let them use black sharpe for details.
This is one of those lessons that really needs more then the 45 minutes, but is a little short for 2 classes. Here is that template I mentioned along with some samples of the students work....