Monday, August 30, 2010

Back and Making it Work!

Hi there! I hope everyone had a great summer!

Last year I re-entered the work world after staying home for 7 years to be with my kiddies. I had my dream job- teaching art at one school part time. I worked from 9-12pm everyday. This worked for me because I got my kids off to school and was able to be home before they got home with time to spare : )........not this year : /. I am teaching art full time and traveling between two schools. In addition to that I have no prep time. I am being compensated $$ for my time. I am a wee bit nervous about all the changes, but I am looking on the bright side. I am doing what I love and getting paid for it : ).

To all the blogs I follow..... I might not leave comments ALL the time, but I will try to do better.. I love what you share with the blogging world! Thank you!!