Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family Tree

Some times as art teachers we are asked by the classroom teachers to create lessons that connect to their curriculum. I LOVE cross connecting curriculums! I think It is a huge benefit for the students to see how art and the classroom subjects can be integrated.

For this lesson I was asked to come up with a family tree project for a 3rd grade class. The paper I used was the craft paper on those huge rolls (the kind for bulletin boards). The is very pliable and could be easily shaped. I gave simple instructions to create the trunk, leaves, grass, and sun. They came out amazing!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Published..well sort of!

I received a fantastic email from someone who saw my blog via the Susan Bivona. That someone was Debrah Sickler Voigt and she and her co-workers Susan Bivona, Linda Devlin, and Bonnie Rushlow are writing a book tentatively titled Teaching art for the Real World of of Elementary and Middle School Education. The Book is being publish by Allyn and Bacon, a Pearson Education imprint and is due out in 2012. In her email Susan said asked if some of the photographs from my African Necklaces lesson could be used in the book!

I announced the news to my students they were thrilled! This is a huge honor for me and my students and I am so thankful that Debbie found me!