Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween Projects

2nd grade Haunted Housed
4th Grade Script Name Skeleton

3rd Grade Dancing Skeleton

K & 1 Paper Bag Pumpkins
Above are some of the projects for the next two weeks. Today I did the paper bag pumpkins with K and 1st. They were a HUGE success. I changed the lesson after the first class. The first class got done to quickly so I added some steps. Instead of drawing the face the cut it out of paper. After they made the face out of cut paper they drew lines lines on the pumpkin to show the texture.
The Second grade haunted houses are a one week project. Together we will brainstorm about things they can decorate their houses with. They will be given various colors of construction paper to create the house.
Third grades will be making the dancing skeletons. They will simply cut the paper into thin strips and glue down the paper to make skeletons.
Fourth graders will be writing their names in Large script letters on a pc of 12 x 18 paper folded in 12. Then they will cut it our so it makes a mirror image. This will become the ribs of the skeleton. We will make this into a mural. They will be glued onto a LG pc of black bulletin board paper.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Piggy's and Farms

I finally brought my camara to school on Friday! I got some shots of the kids pictures. The Kindergarteners did the pigs and the first graders did the farms.

Friday, September 25, 2009

more together

This week I am finally feeling more together!! I am caught up on my lesson plans for next week, my lessons for next week are preped, and I am feeling like I have a little bit of a routine. This week the the kids loved the farm animal drawings. I will post pictures later : ). I used the sheet blow as a guide for them. I have to thank thank the teahcer I did my student teaching under, she gave me this ditto about 10 years ago and I still use it! It is simple and perfect!! The kindergartners only did a pig scene, the first graders did an entire farm scene. My Second and fourth graders were inspired by Van Gogh this week. The 2nd graders did a drawing of sunflowers using craypa's and my 4th graders did one using water color crayons. The 3rd graders did Rain forest Tree's. The fifth graders are completed their second week of there Rouault's Royals:illustrating without a pencil . I am loving this lesson!! I cannot wait to see the finished product! Next week we start Halloween lessons!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great first 2 weeks

After leaving teaching for 6 7 years and coming back, not too much has changed. The kids still LOVE art class : ). I was right on target with my projects. The classes took the full two weeks to complete the lesson, this was because of the introduction to art and rules. I can hardly believe back to school night is this Tuesday 9/15! I managed to get 4 classes of art work hung up in the hallways.

Next week will be:see side bar week of 9/14 for detailed plans
K-torn paper landscape with sponge painted apple tree's (yes, brave- 3rd week of school and painting)
1st grade- What is my line?
2nd grade- owl paintings
3rd grade- Torn Rain forest inspired by Henri Rousseau
4th Grade -Iguana with Craypa
5th Grade-Rouault's Royals:illustrating without a pencil - love this lesson, can't wait to see how it works out!