Friday, November 2, 2012

Post Sandy in NJ

Hello my fellow bloggers..
Our state was hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy, especially along the coast. Eighty percent of our state was with our power. We were only out for 3 days, but many are still out. There are people who lost their homes and all of their belongings. Many of the people who live along the coast are in shelters or are with friends and family indefinitl . It will be a long process to build the Jersey shore back up but it will be better then ever have no doubt!
 If you have seen the show Jersey Shore but have never been to our wonderful beaches PLEASE do not judge us by that show!! I have terrific childhood memories of making drippy castles on the beach and eating ice cream on the boardwalk by the amusement rides. I have continued to share these summer traditions with my family and I hope they continue it with their children.
As you know the storm hit Monday night. We have been out of school all week due to the lack of power.  I am looking forward to going back to school and to seeing my students! As we all know art is a great way to get out your feelings. I am sure this kiddos have also of unsure emotions inside them right now. I hopped online today to get inspired from my blogging peeps and wham there it was.. this is going to be my lesson with a little hurricane sandy twist...
Ms. Davis from we heart art blog thank you for inspiring me on a day and week that I was not feeling much inspiration!

One other note... I had an idea about collecting art supplies and school supplies from my bloggers and their schools to donate to a local shelter (sayreville, NJ). This was one of the very hard hit areas during hurricane sandy. Would Any of you be interested in having your schools or your students donate art supplies to send? You could ship them to my school and I will take them to the shelter.
Lori DeCoite
James Monroe El. School
7 Sharp Road Edison, NJ 08837
(732) 452-2970
This is a picture of me  taken this morning. I was helping with a donation that was going to Keyport NJ, another hard hit area of NJ. 
Together we can make a difference!! Thanks Everyone!


  1. I'm not working, so I don't have a school to donate supplies, but I do think this is a great idea. So glad you seem to have weathered the storm OK.

    I've never been to the Jersey shore, though my son and his friends were there having a wonderful time a couple of times, and I know the reality is not like the one portrayed by Snooki and gang.

    My grandfather, when I was a child, had bungalows/rooming house on Far Rockaway that we visited every summer, and I've seen some pretty horrific photos from there, too. Glad he and my mom who grew up there are not around to see what has happened.

  2. One more thing (I feel like a blog stalker sometimes) - I am responding to your question on my blog, but I'll say it here as well. You want more traffic on your blog? I made lots of suggestions in my post here:

    I gave lots of advice, but my biggest one for you is to USE LABELS on every post. So far it doesn't look like you are using them at all. Effective use of labels will bring your blog up on Google searches, and suddenly you'll check your stats and find you've had lots of visitors. Label the posts with things people might search for 'elementary art'; 'art lesson plans'; 'collage'; '4th grade'; 'recycled art'; etc. And add a gadget on the blog for your labels so that people can easily search for what interests them on your blog. Hope this helps!

  3. Good luck with your campaign! I wish I could help donate supplies but I just got my budget and it's gonna be a stretch to take care of my own this year!