Thursday, October 25, 2012

Welcome back a little late : /

Long time no post... Here is what we have been up to in art class at James Monroe...
Had a hard time this year getting in a groove this year and finally getting a post up.. Hello blogger world I have missed you!

5th grade-Mirror Name Design

4th Grade- Cool and warm landscape design.
3rd Grade- Craypa Landscapes inspired by David Hockney "A Bigger Picture"

3rd Grade Zentangle Cats- For this one I gave them a template of a cat, they layed it on top of the brown paper.

2nd Grade-Spiders .. I gave students a paper with desriptive words in different fonts and showed them how to draw a web. We made a spider out of model magic. Note to self-leave off the work "suck" ; )

1st Grade 

Gotta love a pink truck!

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  1. Cute cats, and I especially like your David Hockney style landscapes :)
    Elizabeth (Dream Painters)