Thursday, January 26, 2012

Juice Pouch Folders

My aunt is a teacher and made these very cool and earth friendly folders for my kids during for the holidays. They were a huge hit when my kids brought them to school.

We are going to start a Crafting Corner on our school website where students can go to find fun art activities to do at home! I thought this would be a great one to start with.  I wanted to share the idea and directions below with my bloggin friends-enjoy!

Directions for Capri Sun pouch FOLDERS (other brands are usable too!)

A project to help reduce, reuse and recycle…

Materials: 16 pouches and clear heavy tape, scissors and a sink for washing.

1. First, cut across the bottom fold to open. Rinse with warm soapy water, air dry. Make sure the pouches smell clean before you use them.

2. Use a standard folder as your guide as you fold the pouches to form the new folder. Place 2 pouches overlapped, across the front top portion to measure so it’s just right as you pinch about half an inch to be the folding part. Repeat until there are three parts with 2 pouches across. Then lay out the 3 parts to see how they will meet to be taped together as the front. Tape them together so they are just right. The edge of one row must touch or slightly overlap the others.

3. Repeat using the back of the folder until there is a front part and a back part.  Form the Capri Sun folder around the other folder and tape the front and back into one piece, inside and out. Use your hands to make it flat. Tape all open spaces so there are no slits between parts that were cut open.

4. Using the pouches, make a pocket by taping 2 pouches, overlapped. Remember to fold and tape the center of the pocket as a diagonal line.

Repeat for left and right side of folder. Tape the pockets inside the front and back of the pouch folder. Press all parts and tape the open pouches closed.

5. Use s small piece of tape to cover any sticky spots. Any mistakes can be fixed by taking the tape off and doing it again. Reuse, reduce and recycle! Enjoy! Share this idea with other Earth savers!!


  1. I am passing on this Liebster Blog Award to you to show appreciation for your blog. Thanks!

  2. Such a nice design of Folders, the cover is pretty awesome especially for kids. Really like the way you explain the procedure step by step. I will share it with my friends too. Thanks for sharing!!!