Sunday, November 6, 2011

Giant Batik Leaves

This lesson was inspired from Natalie's pumpkins over at smART Class blog. I did this lesson with 1st grade. I am on a cart and only 2 of my 4 1st grade classes have I only could do it with the 2 that had 'em : /. I really wish all of the classes could have had the "batik" experience, but you now how it on a must be flexible!!

I did something I almost never do...used tracers! I wanted this to be a one week lesson...drawing them never would have allowed that.  I made a few different kinds of leaves out of oak tag (12x18). I made several sets, the less kids sitting around waiting the better. After tracing their leaf and adding the veins with black crayon I asked them to pick 2 colors from the craypa basket. The only colors they could not pick were black, blue, and pink. ANY other 2 color combinations for their leaves were fine. After coloring we crumbled : )..they loved this part! Then we painted them black and I washed them off. I did a small group of painters at a back table. While the next group painted I washed the first groups off.

As you can see from the pics they came out pretty cool! I am loving the size and bright colors.  As for the display..those trees are going to stay up till June! I think I am just going to change what's on them and around them:  )!


  1. LOve the idea!! Have you tried using coloured dye !! Water based is perfect for this. Also to speed up the process try drying with hot iron. Turn the artwork upside down on newspaper to do this.

  2. Great look at texture! I wrote this one up to use this coming week for my last week of student teaching. My adviser is going to get an introduction to the world of art teacher blogs when he sees my lessons!