Sunday, May 1, 2011

LONG projects!

Grade 3,4 and 5 of my have been working on projects that took several weeks to complete. FINALLY we have some finished products (or almost finished).

My 3rd grades are doing weavings on cardboard looms. Last week it was nice enough to go outside.

My 4th grades just completed unders the sea chalk drawing. Thank you to patti at deep sparkle space for this one!
Last but not least fifth grades did 3-d letters. Who says you can't do paper mach'e on a cart! These came out very cool and the kids had lots of fun making them. We really used Ross Art Paste (not paper mach'e) that stuff is GREAT!


  1. I use Art Paste for all my papier-mache w/kids; I like that I can store it away without it going bad, and that it is SO easy to clean up. My kids call it "dog drool".

    And I agree that you can do it w/out an art room! I have a great room now, but there was a time I didn't have my own room, and I made BIG sculptural to make them want to find me a room! I had paintings drying in the hallway, and we toted buckets of water down the hall, but - it worked! I got my art room!!

    Did your kids use utility knives to cut their cardboard? What did you glue the cups on with? How many cups did you need? (It looks like you probably used a lot.) Did you wrap w/tape before using the papier-mache?

  2. hi Phyl- "dog drool" made me LOL. PERFECT name for that stuff :)
    If you have "good" scissors the kids can cut through. They are not the kids scissors and not the adult but in between. I used chipboard. It was cheap and you can do lots with it. As for the cups ..maybe 8 per kid. The letter has to be draw wide enough so the cups don't stick out the sides. I hot glued them in for time contraints, but they could use tacky glue. Yes, I had them tape them with masking tape then we wrapped in paste and newspaper and prepeater the paste and newspaper one more time when it was dry. I would love to see yours if you try them : )keep me posted!-lori

  3. I loved to see the way the 3rd graders are using precut lengths of yarn for the weft of the weaving. I see the advantage of being able to tie off the strings in pairs and create both a selvege and a fringe at the same time. It seems a lot easier than weaving back and forth with a longer piece. Plus it would keep the sides from shrinking in!