Tuesday, June 1, 2010

News Paper Flowers

I have to give a shout out to Teach Kids Art Blog. This is her Magazine Flowers lesson with a twist. I did not have time to collect magazines so we did it with news papers : ). We had a class discussion on recycled art and things they have made from recycled materials. Then we jumped right in to the lesson. I gave the 3 different size squares for the flowers then a piece for the grass , stem, and leaves. I did the lesson with first grades-it went great. Here are some pics...


  1. Adorable! BTW - I keep a HUGE collection of magazines so if you ever need any, let me know. I sent about 100 into Isabelle's school a few weeks ago and I have at least 30 again already. I'm on some free doctor office mailing list which sends LOTS of free magazines.

  2. Hi! I love how your recently posted lessons show so much texture. Our curriculum is based upon the elements and principles of design, and texture is a big part of it! Thanks!

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