Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Faith Ringgold and Tar Beach

This was a first grade lesson...
I began by reading the book Tar Beach. Then I discussed the work of Faith Ringgold and her story quilts.

For this lesson the students are given a 4 x 6 pc of paper (various colors) then they are asked to use scraps of paper to create things/place they would like to own. They then use the scraps to make themselves flying. All of their pictures are put together to create a story quilt! A picture is worth a thousand words....


  1. I really like your approach. I just finished a Tar Beach story quilt project with my 2nd grade students.

  2. I had the students do drawings of themselves flying over something they want to own or see with marker and/or crayon then glue 1 inch patterned paper squares around the border. I got the idea off of Artsonia to type a sentence the student wrote about what they were flying over and glue that on the paper as well. I started off just planning on markers because I have a set of multicultural markers but I found out most of my 2nd graders do NOT color neatly with markers. I might try using black or navy paper next year and construction paper crayons since the story is set at night. Or I might do something totally different than I've done before and try your paper idea!