Sunday, October 11, 2009

Loving my finds online!!

When I left teaching 7 years ago, the Internet and art education was is not what it is today. Today we have lots of very nice bloggers that share ideas. I have found some great art educators that have terrific ideas and lessons. They can be found on my sidebar. These teachers have inspired me to teach their lessons.

Owl Painting done by my second graders. This one is from Deep Space Sparkle . The Dancing Skeleton's (seen above the Owl Paintings) was a lesson that I created. This was a one day project that the kids had lots of fun with.
Another lesson that I found on Deep Space Sparkle was the Rouault Royals . This is a fantastic lesson and the students were very into it. It did take four 45 minute classes to complete but the it was worth it!!

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  1. These are so beautiful! OH if there was only enough time in a year!!! I wish I could fit in this project!