Friday, September 25, 2009

more together

This week I am finally feeling more together!! I am caught up on my lesson plans for next week, my lessons for next week are preped, and I am feeling like I have a little bit of a routine. This week the the kids loved the farm animal drawings. I will post pictures later : ). I used the sheet blow as a guide for them. I have to thank thank the teahcer I did my student teaching under, she gave me this ditto about 10 years ago and I still use it! It is simple and perfect!! The kindergartners only did a pig scene, the first graders did an entire farm scene. My Second and fourth graders were inspired by Van Gogh this week. The 2nd graders did a drawing of sunflowers using craypa's and my 4th graders did one using water color crayons. The 3rd graders did Rain forest Tree's. The fifth graders are completed their second week of there Rouault's Royals:illustrating without a pencil . I am loving this lesson!! I cannot wait to see the finished product! Next week we start Halloween lessons!

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