Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Halloween Projects

2nd grade Haunted Housed
4th Grade Script Name Skeleton

3rd Grade Dancing Skeleton

K & 1 Paper Bag Pumpkins
Above are some of the projects for the next two weeks. Today I did the paper bag pumpkins with K and 1st. They were a HUGE success. I changed the lesson after the first class. The first class got done to quickly so I added some steps. Instead of drawing the face the cut it out of paper. After they made the face out of cut paper they drew lines lines on the pumpkin to show the texture.
The Second grade haunted houses are a one week project. Together we will brainstorm about things they can decorate their houses with. They will be given various colors of construction paper to create the house.
Third grades will be making the dancing skeletons. They will simply cut the paper into thin strips and glue down the paper to make skeletons.
Fourth graders will be writing their names in Large script letters on a pc of 12 x 18 paper folded in 12. Then they will cut it our so it makes a mirror image. This will become the ribs of the skeleton. We will make this into a mural. They will be glued onto a LG pc of black bulletin board paper.

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